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Gas Struts range

Gas Struts Range available in stock to order today. Please select from our range of gas struts or if you require assistance in selecting gas struts or fixing positions for your application, please click here for further help.


Adjustable Force
Variable force gas struts
✔ Adjustable Force
✔ Strokes range 60 mm to 500 mm
30 - 2500 Newton Force Range
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Fixed force gas struts
✔ Strokes range 60 mm to 500 mm
30 - 2500 Newton Force Range
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Adjustable Force
Stainless steel gas struts
✔ Suitable for Marine, Medical & Outdoor applications or where struts are exposed to corrosive environments.
✔ Gas struts are manufactured from stainless steel 316.
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Adjustable Force
Traction gas struts
✔ Adjustable Traction gas strut is ideal for loft access hatches, access ramps, stairways and trailer doors etc.
✔ Adjustable force
150 - 1500 Newton Force Range
✔ Available in full stainless
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Gas struts end fittings
Range of additional stock end fittings
✔ Ball Joints
✔ Eyelets
✔ Clevis Forks
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Gas struts end brackets
Range of additional stock end Brackets
✔ Steel Brackets
✔ Stainless Steel Brackets
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Gas struts Dust Covers
Nitro-Struts dust seal preventing dust ingress, seal damage and early failure.
✔ Available for 6, 8, 10 and 14mm rods
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Gas struts safety information
Custom gas struts